We make sure to provide our clients with an extensive range of services that will help them be remembered through our globally-competitive branding solutions.

We do not stop until we find a strategy that brings your strength forward.

why us

Every campaign we undertake is backed up by extensive research and timely marketing strategies that will are guaranteed to make a difference.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses both in Singapore and internationally and help provide them the leverage they need to make a name for themselves.


Brand Development

The difference between a business and a globally competitive brand is an effective strategy. Clay is composed of dedicated web developers and brand strategists who will help bring you global recognition through comprehensive campaigns.

Identity Development

In line with our mission to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your branding needs we have also gathered a team of experts in identity development to ensure your campaign is suited up for success – from beginning til’ end.

Audience Approach

Being based in Singapore, we are a company that has good first-hand knowledge of audience and consumer behaviour. We know how to reach out to the people who will make a difference in your business – whether it is locally or internationally.


We make sure to provide you with consistency in service that transcends the internet. We have a team that can take care of all your brand collaterals to ensure continuity and quality every single time.

Banner Design

Nothing wastes a good amount of marketing real estate faster than a bad looking banner. Our graphic designers are sure to help you make a statement that is nothing short of bold and noteworthy – without being tacky.

Brand Activation

We are Singapore’s leading interactive marketing company for a reason. We understand consumer engagement that drives networks into loyal customers through our extensive research and unique approach.


We house creative and original graphic design services for all of your needs – from crafting a unique visual identity to creating a
distinctive design strategy and everything in between. We do everything to make sure you stand out from the competition.